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MP3 Album Faszinierende Panflöte MP3 Album Faszinierende Panflöte
Virtuoso and with great feeling David Döring presents on his panpipe tunes of old and new sacred songs as well as the famous “Adagio” by Tomaso Albinoni. The successful song mix variety is guaranteed. This item is offered for download!...
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MP3 Album Pan-Paradies MP3 Album Pan-Paradies
Sounds that get under your skin With this CD the talented pan flutist David Döring wants to beautify the everyday life of listeners with soulful and virtuoso instrumental music. He knows how to play with his instrument in the hearts of...
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MP3 Album Licht der Hoffnung / Light of hope MP3 Album Licht der Hoffnung / Light of hope
The popular pan flute player David Döring interprets wonderful melodies for the Christmas season on this soulful instrumental CD – newly arranged and recorded by first-class musicians. The warm tones and the lightness of the panpipe...
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MP3 Album Bezaubernde Planflöte MP3 Album Bezaubernde Planflöte
Look forward to a firework of sounds, from one of the oldest instruments in the world. Enjoy the soulful and virtuoso playing of pan flute player David Döring. His repertoire is varied and diversified. Classical pieces such as Bach’s...
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